About Us

Who We Are

Freedom Health Systems was developed to give patients an alternative to the status quo.  We believe patients have the right to a patient-provider relationship without interference from third-parties including insurance companies or the government.

We stand firmly, honoring medical freedom for our patients and believe every patient has the right to discuss freely with their provider (without judgement) what is best for them.

While the current American health care system continues to spiral and fail, Freedom Health Systems is determined to step in and fill a much needed gap to provide patients (and their families) with the exceptional care they deserve.

No one should be afraid to receive care from a facility worrying they will be treated poorly based on their beliefs. No one should be left alone scared or suffering without an advocate by their side. We are working diligently to transform health care to how it used to be … personal, loving, kind and humane. We believe every person was designed by God Almighty and it is our job to be excellent stewards of his amazing creations … YOU!

Why Should You Choose Freedom Health Systems?

Have you ever heard this quote?

“They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”
– Maya Angelou

At our clinics, we want our patients to not only to feel welcome, but to KNOW they are genuinely loved and cared for. We want each of our patients to know that their wellbeing (mind, body and spirit) is our utmost priority. We often hear patients say how welcomed they feel when they walk through our doors….that’s because you ARE! We don’t see patients as a number or check box, we truly see our patients as family.

Because we have chosen to opt out of taking insurance, this ensures that your medical needs will be taken care of without any interference. We do not have to answer to a suit behind a phone telling us you can’t have certain imaging or procedures. You don’t have to worry about surprise bills in the mail weeks or even months later. No more long waits on the phone with the insurance company or fights on the phone.

At Freedom Health Systems we are about being open and honest with our patients. We want to take the frustration out of health care … you have enough going on in your life and don’t need to be dealing with a billing department or insurance denials.

We also are working to transform the way the current American health care system is currently being done. Health care costs TOO MUCH. It is not uncommon for a healthy family of 4 to pay over $1000 a month in insurance premiums alone. Then you have to pay your co-pay and meet an out of pocket deductible. It is all too expensive and confusing and should not be this way.

At Freedom Health Systems a family of 4 can pay $190 a month to be seen at our family practice clinic an UNLIMITED amount of times with NO COPAY. We extend a similar model to our Orthopedic clinic and will to all subsequent specialties. We want to change the way health care is done and do it better … including the cost!

To sum it up, we provide quality care you that is very difficult to find anywhere else. There is a reason people drive from hours away to be seen in our clinic. Our team is comprised of some of the most passionate and brightest minds in medicine. Our work does not stop in the clinic. Our providers and team members are working hard after hours to change the way health care is done from the ground up. We are constantly working behind the scenes networking and working on large projects with other highly respected physicians and colleagues. We will not stop until health care is the way it should be…trustworthy, completely patient-centered and cost-effective with medical freedom being the driving force in all we do. You (as a patient) deserve better, we (as Freedom Health Systems) will stop at nothing to give you the kind, compassionate treatment that you deserve.

Where We Are Going

Freedom Health Systems is going places … literally.

We opened our first facility in Ozark, Missouri in early November 2021 with family medicine, pediatrics, orthopedics and an IV infusion clinic. In January/February 2022, our other clinic in Battlefield, Missouri will be opening. We will be offering Audiology services (including hearing aides) for newborns on up. We will also be seeing pediatrics and doing IV infusions at this location as well.

We are working on expanding our specialties and our outreach areas. Where we see the need, we will try to meet it. Many (from almost every state) have asked us when we plan to extend beyond Missouri. The answer simply is … we are working on it!

We are scaling strategically and efficiently and much goes into growing a health care organization, but we promise we are working overtime to make this happen. Really, we are depending on God to direct our paths, and where he sends us – we will go!

A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps. Proverbs 16:9