IV Infusion Therapies

IV Infusions work by delivering vitamins and minerals through an IV, providing a more noticeable immediate result.
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Myers’ Cocktail$150
Myers’ Plus$195
Reboot Plus$185
Alleviate Plus$190
Get Up and Go$130
Get Up and Go Plus$175
Immunity Plus$180
Quench Plus$185
Inner Beauty$140
Inner Beauty Plus$185
Recovery Plus$200
NAD+ (Beginner)$290
NAD+ (Advanced)$450
IV Hydration$60
IM Glutathione$40
IM B12$20
Photo of Kelbie Bauer (Abercrombie)

Kelbie Bauer (Abercrombie)

Founding partner and CEO of Freedom Health Systems; Kelbie graduated with her Masters in Physician Assistant Studies from Missouri State University and has been a practicing physician assistant for over a decade.

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Photo of Teresa Jolley

Teresa Jolley

Teresa obtained her Master's in Physician Assistant Studies in 2005 from Missouri State University, along with a Bachelor Degree in Radiography. For the past 16 years she has worked in hospital-based medicine as a Hospitalist and Emergency provider.

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