Mike Cheeney

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Pediatric Provider

Mike Cheeney

Mike Cheeney has been a pediatric and ENT provider in southwest Missouri for 10 years. Prior to that, he received his Masters Degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner from the University of Tennessee and his Bachelors of Science in Nursing from the University of Minnesota.

Mike is married to his wife, Jeanine. They have five children, one daughter and four sons. The four sons have served in the military, with two in the Air Force and two in the Army. Two grandsons round out the Cheeney clan.

Mike enjoys spending time outdoors with his cadre of farm animals. Boot, Scoot and Vincent van Goat, who are yearlings, enjoy a place of prominence at Cheeney Farm as does Ginny the Guinea hen. Cows, chickens and even a pup or two complete the enterprise.

Mike was born and lived in Minnesota then spent eleven productive years in Tennessee before moving to the Ozarks. Having been raised in Minnesota, winter sports are still a passion. His favorite pastime is to downhill ski every winter. Since winter is fleeting in Missouri, he still has plenty of time to water ski, kayak, camp and maintain the farm.

He is active in his community as well. He has volunteered with faith based and community-based charities alike.

Michael will be seeing our pediatric patients (newborn on up) in our Battlefield location starting the end of February. He will also be working along side Dr. Lanois addressing pediatric hearing issues!

We are thrilled Michael is joining our team as we continue to provide the communities we serve with unparalleled medical care while keeping freedom of choice at the center of all we do!

If you are interested in establishing your children with our pediatric team, please call 417-708-7010 to be placed on the wait list! We look forward to serving your family:)

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