Our Team

Photo of Dr. Michael Bauer
Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Michael Bauer
MD, Orthopedics and Family Medicine

Founding partner and Chief Medical Officer of Freedom Health Systems; a dual board-certified physician in both Sports Medicine and Family Medicine.
Photo of Dr. Jaime Lanois

Dr. Jaime Lanois

Dr. Lanois specializes in offering a wide range of hearing aid and cochlear implant services, and is excited to provide accessibility to the highest level of hearing care and education for patients and their family members.
Photo of Mike Cheeney
Pediatric Provider

Mike Cheeney

Mike Cheeney has been a pediatric and ENT provider in southwest Missouri for 10 years. Prior to that, he received his MSN as a Family Nurse Practitioner from the University of Tennessee and his BSN from the University of Minnesota.
Photo of Kiana Miller
Family Nurse Practitioner

Kiana Miller

Kiana is a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner with 7.5 years of experience.
Photo of Ronnie Hoelker
Nurse Practitioner

Ronnie Hoelker

Ronnie completed her MSN-FNP degree in 2013 and has been providing care for Neonatal ICU, Pediatrics, Hospice, Medical ICU and Family Practice since 2000. Ronnie will be working in Family Medicine at our Battlefield location.
Photo of Kelbie Bauer (Abercrombie)
Chief Executive Officer

Kelbie Bauer (Abercrombie)

Founding partner and CEO of Freedom Health Systems; Kelbie graduated with her Masters in Physician Assistant Studies from Missouri State University and has been a practicing physician assistant for over a decade.
Photo of Teresa Jolley

Teresa Jolley

Teresa obtained her Master's in Physician Assistant Studies in 2005 from Missouri State University, along with a Bachelor Degree in Radiography. For the past 16 years she has worked in hospital-based medicine as a Hospitalist and Emergency provider.